Jenna Bellonby Is a Better Photographer Than You Are

Her photos were published in Vogue Italia before she even graduated from high school. In college, she plans on taking things to the next level.

Photograph Courtesy of Jenna Bellonby

Jenna Bellonby started taking photography seriously her freshman year at Milford High School, when she enrolled in her first basic photography class. She hasn’t stopped taking photos since. “It’s never gotten old for me,” Bellonby says. “I just want to keep getting better at it.”

In four years, she upgraded her DSLR camera to a Nikon D750, built a professional-grade studio in her parents’ basement, started a successful senior portrait business, and won several awards for her work, including Commended Photographer in the 2017 and 2018 Sony World Photography Awards.

Bellonby specializes in dramatic up-close portraits and card stock still life photos, which have been published by Vogue Italia, USA Today, and British Journal of Photography, to name a few.

This month marks Bellonby’s high school graduation. Although she hasn’t decided which college she’ll attend, she knows she’ll study photography. We have a feeling she’ll only continue to hone her skills and expand her (already impressive) portfolio.

Check out some of Bellonby’s photographs in the gallery below:

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