The Great Gatsby at the Cincinnati Shakespeare Company


Who is this Gatsby anyhow? Get playwright Simon Levy’s answer—the only stage adaptation licensed by the Fitzgerald estate—this fall. “I read the script and fell in love with it,” says Brian Isaac Phillips, producing artistic director. “It captures the novel beautifully, in a very fluid style. It’s a memory play, with the narrator talking about events from the past, which allows for some great staging.” Expect a boisterous journey to the story’s tragic end, with jazz, flashy costumes, quick musical-style scene changes, and plenty of dancing. “It follows the narrative path of the novel—if you’re a fan of the book, you’re going to like what you see on stage,” says Phillips. “This is Gatsby. This is not a bad-format adaptation. It’s very evident in the script that it’s by someone who loved Fitzgerald’s work, who is bringing that to the stage.”

Sept 5–Oct 4. Tickets: $22–$36. 719 Race St., downtown, (513) 381-2273,

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