Giant Steppes

Giant Steppes

Patricia Sexton was a Cincinnati girl turned Wall Street banker. Then, as she explains in her new memoir, Live From Mongolia (Beaufort Books), she chucked it all to follow her dream—becoming a TV news anchor in Ulaanbaatar. Here are five things we filed for future reference:

1. What to pack when you move to Mongolia: hiking boots, high heels, mascara, heavy-duty sunscreen, diarrhea medication, and a bottle of perfume.

2. Yes, the airport really is called Genghis Kahn International.

3. When visiting, be sure and check out a boodog, the real-deal Mongolian barbecue. Chop the head off a goat, scoop out the organs, then fill the body cavity with rocks that have been heated in an open fire. Also available in marmot.

4. Mongolia is home to the only truly wild steeds on earth, the Przewalski horse, of which there are only about 1,500 left.

 5. Wrestling is the national sport, and it’s done in knee-high go-go boots. The first wrestler to touch the ground with anything other than his hands or feet is declared the loser.

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