Funny Thing

Michael Flannery

Once upon a time, comedian Michael Flannery was all over the place doing stand-up AND hosting a kids’ cartoon show every afternoon. But then reality (in the form of love, marriage, fatherhood, and family) intervened and he doesn’t spend quite as much time with a mic. He’s still funny, but you gotta work harder to catch him at it. Your next chance: Funnybone at Newport on the Levee this Sunday (May 25th, 7:30 p.m.), on the lineup with comic hypnotist Rich Guzzi.  If you order $10 tickets through Gamble Montessori High (that’s where two of Michael’s kids attend school), the dough goes straight to the school, and you’ll laugh much, much harder. Call now: 513/363-2600. No joke.


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