Five Local Artists, Two Installations, and One Creative Community are Coming Together for this Unique Experience


Several years ago Emily Moores (below, right, with PAR-Projects’ Gabriella Roach) set out to create a project spotlighting Cincinnati artists. She hoped maybe—if she was successful—it might end up as a book in a museum gift shop. While you can now find copies of Cincinnati 5 (in its third incarnation) in both the Cincinnati Art Museum and Contemporary Arts Center gift shops, it’s so much more than its bound contents. Moores’s book project also features an art show component—with this year’s iteration at PAR-Projects, a former lumber-drying facility turned indoor-outdoor creative space in Northside.

Photograph courtesy Jonathan Sears

Cincinnati 5, the book, celebrates and anthologizes locally driven and created art by focusing on five area artists. The show explores the exchange between artist and community through movement, sound, and built spaces. This year, artists Mary Clare Rietz and Pones constructed the outdoor installation, Joe Girandola created an accompanying outdoor sculpture, Elementz choreographed a performance for the opening reception, and Intermedio worked on a piece for the indoor installation. The opening night will feature performances inside what Jonathan Sears, PAR-Projects’s executive director, calls “activations”—which are immersive experiences in and of themselves.

July 28-August 28, PAR-projects,

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