Creative Class: Natasia Malaihollo, Wyzerr


For our April 2017 issue, we examine how creatives are remaking the Queen city.

Age: 29

Company: Wyzerr. “We help companies become wiser through data. was already taken, so we took”

Job: CEO/cofounder

The goal: To change the way market research is conducted. “We want to build artificial intelligence to put enterprise-level market research into the hands of everyone who needs it.”

Natasia Malaihollo

Portrait by Aaron M. Conway

The gig: Courting investors, guiding her “team of wizards,” and constantly trying to figure out what’s next. “Outside of fund-raising season, I try to spend about 30 percent of my time in product development.”

On learning from mistakes: “Prior to Wyzerr, I had a startup that failed after I spent three-and-a-half years of my life, time, love, and all of my resources on it. In the post-mortem process, I realized that I never actually collected feedback data in the product development process. I didn’t like the available platforms for feedback, so I decided to build my own.”

Her advice: “Be honest about the limitations of your product or services. Saying you don’t have something right now is better than saying you do and failing to meet expectations. Be thorough and clear about your deliverables and manage expectations.”

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