Cincinnati Art Museum Library Benefit Sale

Cincinnati Art Museum Library Benefit Sale

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If you’ve ever wanted to own a real piece of art (dorm room “Starry Night” posters don’t count, kids), then online estate sales are a great place to get started. Everything But The House, a local company that normally deals in private estates, has set up an unusual sale of 85 books, prints, and papers selected from the Cincinnati Art Museum Library. Here are five of the listings that speak to our inner art dealer:

1. 1922 French Art Deco Magazines, No 7, 9, 10

This is one of nine different lots from the Gazette Du Bon Ton and Gazette Du Bon Genre, the très fabulous turn-of-the-century French fashion magazines.


2. A First Edition Illustrated Folio of “The Raven” by Edgar Allan Poe

This gilded, cloth-bound book has 26 seriously creepy and amazing steel engravings by French illustrator Gustave Doré


3. “The Ornamental Arts of Japan” by G.A. Audsley, Pub. 1883, London, 3 Folio Vols.

This is one of the only non-Anglo items in the sale (well, the artist was Scottish, but whatever). These volumes feature gorgeous examples of embroidery, lacquer work, Cloisonne enamel, and something called Carving and Heraldry.


4. A Steel Engraving, The Bruiser, Taken From “The Works Of William Hogarth”, 1822

Always wanted to own an engraving of a disgruntled dog and a bear holding a beer stein? This is probably literally your only chance.


5. “The Turner Gallery: A Series Of Sixty Engravings From The Principal Works Of Joseph Mallord William Turner.”

Because Turner was the boss.

If you’re interested in bidding, we suggest you hop to it: The sale begins to close on Sunday, May 18 at 4 p.m. If you want to see the items in person before you bid, visit the preview at the Cincinnati Art Museum Library on May 17 from 10 a.m.–3 p.m.

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