Attention Local Actors: Get Out Your Chain Mail


When you get a press release from the sleepy southwest Ohio village of Morrow, you don’t expect to hear about death, destruction, and on-location cinematography. But that’s what’s happening in the little burg this summer. And here’s the best part for aspiring actors: The casting call is wide-open—as long as you have your own costume. In fact, by providing your own wardrobe, according to the press release, you could get an IMDb credit as an executive producer.

It seems local filmmaker Richard Aughpin is working on a tale that involves a Medieval battle scene and is looking for people to portray “Teutonics.” We assume this refers to the ancient Germanic people called the Teutons. Although “Werner and the Teutonics” does sound like a rock band, so maybe not.

The film is going to be shot in Morrow, where (again, according to advance publicity) “all Hell literally breaks loose.”  We just hope it doesn’t melt anything at Miranda’s Ice Cream Parlor. Love that place.

Participation will keep you tied up weekends until October. But the credit will look great on your resume. For more information, contact Richard Aughpin:

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