Al Fresco Art

Al Fresco Art
Martha (The Last Passenger Pigeon)

Image courtesy ArtWorks

The city cheerleaders at Downtown Cincinnati Inc. have created an online database of Cincinnati’s public art—murals, sculptures, and structures—along with a handful of curated walking tours if you’re looking for, say, a baseball-themed afternoon.

Artworks has a more comprehensive Google map of their own contributions to our public art scene, complete with handy filters that let you organize results by year or region. The first thing you’ll want to do is zoom right in, because the murals are extremely dense throughout the city’s central neighborhoods. Results show the mural’s name and display a teeny photo to jog your memory. Like us, you’ll probably be surprised at just how many large-scale pieces (67 and counting) Artworks has contributed to our city’s landscape since its founding in 1996.


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