You Should Be Eating This

What: browned butter caramel ice cream and Guiness chocolate ice cream

Where: Hello Honey, 633 Vine St., Downtown. (513) 977 – 0300

Why: In this ice cream crazed town, a stellar product is required to keep up. These are heavenly, rich, lick-the-spoon wonderful.

Who: Initially, Hello Honey’s owner Pook Nicely thought she might open a vegetarian Thai restaurant (her homeland), but was encouraged by friends and family to focus on her ice creams. Hello Honey opened in July, featuring a seasonal menu of Nicely’s handcrafted, ingredient-driven, all-natural ice creams and sorbets. In addition to the bonkers good browned butter caramel, other flavors often include creamy brownie, maple walnut, malted milk, blackberry chocolate chip, and Thai roasted coconut among the nearly two-dozen varieties that rotate on and off of the menu. You can get your favorite scoops in a dish, in a waffle cone, sandwiched between cookies, or on waffles (Nicely bakes everything on site). For more flash, try your fave flava on top of honey toast (thick bread toasted, buttered, and drizzled with honey), or underneath a handmade, torched marshmallow. Hello Happiness.

Go: Monday – Friday 11am-7pm, Saturday 1pm-8pm. Closed Sunday

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