Where to Get Your Fix on National Cheese Day

These five cheese shops offer all kinds of cheese for your cravings.

National Cheese Day is this Saturday, June 4. Whether you’re a connoisseur or a newbie, here are five local shops that are sure to have you cheesing.

Photograph courtesy The Rhined

The Rhined
This appropriately named cheese and wine shop in Over-the-Rhine supplies homemade artisanal cheeses from small producers. Can’t choose just one? Order a flight or host an at-home celebration with a custom cheese board. Devotees might want to join the Cheese Club, which sends subscribers three different cheeses a month, or the Cheese + Wine Club, which includes one cheese and a bottle of wine to pair. 1737 Elm St., Over-the-Rhine, (513) 655-5938

JE Gibbs Cheese & Sausage
Located in Findlay Market, the Gibbs stand serves not just cheese and sausage, but jams and jellies, fudge and all-natural peanut butter made only with peanuts. Owner Jeff Gibbs, whose family founded the business in 1922, has expanded the menu with many homemade items, including flavored cream cheeses. If you’re looking for a unique treat, cream cheese is used in place of butter in the variety of cheesecake-flavored fudges served at the stand. 1801 Elm St. Unit 28, Over-the-Rhine, (513) 421-7459

Share Cheesebar
Need a celebratory charcuterie board for your next gathering? Look no further than the Share Cheesebar, which boasts a wide selection of boards pairing meats and cheeses with preserves, nuts and fruit. The menu’s highlights include the Cheese Only Board (a National Cheese Day essential) as well as Cheese Cones (exactly what it sounds like), which are $8 each and come with a variety of charcuterie staples. For a smaller group snack without sacrificing the charcuterie appeal, order some Charc Bites, which are $12 each. 6105 Ridge Ave., Pleasant Ridge, (513) 351-3063

JUNE 2022Urban Stead Cheese Co.
Urban Stead’s cheese, which is made fresh on site every morning with locally sourced ingredients, is available to buy and taste in-shop. Urban Stead has six cheeses for any occasion – the most notable being their quark. This versatile creamy farmer’s cheese can be served in the Tasting Room with honey and blueberries as a sweet treat, or with sun-dried tomatoes and basil as a savory snack. 3036 Woodburn Ave., Evanston, (513) 828-0830

Morsel & Nosh
This delicatessen and grocer features a selection of cheeses and cured meats to choose from, with vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free options available. “Mandalas of Meat & Cheese” are presentations of charcuterie arranged in a mandala shape, making for an eye-catching snack tray to share with friends. For those looking to lunch, the menu also includes “Signature Ampersandwiches” in the form of clubs, paninis, and melts (a build-your-own option is also available). 4183 Hamilton Ave, Northside, (513) 873-7399

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