Where to Get Medieval This Summer

Try your hand at real and pretend sword-fighting.

Photograph by Checkmate Photography

Gather your jesters and grab an ice cold mead. It’s time to go back in time with these Renaissance-themed summer events.

Bluegrass Knight Life

Located in the rolling hills of Henry County, the Highland Renaissance Festival is smaller than its Ohio counterpart but no less fun. This year’s themed weekends from June 1 to July 21 include steampunk, romance, and Scottish king Robert the Bruce’s birthday. 955 Elm St., Eminence, KY

Knight Riders

The Ohio Renaissance Festival made improvements to its Warren County grounds in recent years, leading to even more attendees wanting a piece of the medieval action. Highlights include full-armored/full-contact jousting, falconry, and spirits tastings Aug. 31–Oct. 27. 10542 East State Route 73, Waynesville, OH

Gather and Game

If you prefer your medieval fantasies in game form, head over to Woodburn Games in East Walnut Hills for the weekly Magic: The Gathering session. This popular fantasy card game lets you battle other multiple players as powerful wizards. $5 entry fee. 2803 Woodburn Ave., East Walnut Hills

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