Top 5 Ways to Beat the August Heat

Need a break from the sun? We’ve got you covered.

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Though these last few days of July have been pleasantly cool, it would be naive of us to think we’ve seen the last of the summer sun’s scorching rays. Here are five of our favorite ways to beat the August heat and take a refreshing break from the sun.

Contemporary Arts Center
Looking for creative inspiration? Visit the Contemporary Arts Center. From visual to interactive to abstract art, the CAC features a wide variety of exhibits. On display now through August 18 is Creatures, a visual exhibit that explores the interaction between different species when they meet. After exploring the lower floors of the CAC, don’t forget to end your trip on the top floor at the UnMuseum. It’s true, children love playing on these interactive art displays, but we’ll admit it’s a good time for adults, too. 

Coney Island’s Sunlite Pool
Since 1925, Coney Island has been home to the world’s largest recirculating pool. Spanning 200 by 401 feet with three million gallons of water, the Sunlite Pool isn’t your average neighborhood pool. It features four twisty water slides (slide on your own or with a friend) and 73 interactive water playstations at Typhoon Tower. New this year is Coney Island’s Cannonball Cove. Just steps from the main pool, three diving boards are positioned specifically for cannonball splashing.  

Newport Aquarium
Exploring the deep sea and its creatures is closer than you’d think. The Newport Aquarium is home to all sorts of sea life, including sharks, sting rays, and more. But the aquarium isn’t all look and no touch. At Tide Pool Touch, guests are allowed to carefully feel creatures like sea stars, horseshoe crabs, and anemones. And don’t forget to pay the new baby shark a visit and cross over the netted shark bridge (just feet above the shark tank) before leaving!  

Krohn Conservatory
It’s hard to feel down when surrounded by fresh flowers and luscious green vegetation. At the Krohn Conservatory, you can stroll through a greenhouse of succulents, delicate flowers, and bold greenery. The conservatory features five floral shows every year. Now through August 18, visitors can experience the traditional Italian gardens of Tuscany at Il Giardino: A Garden of Tuscany. This authentic Italian landscape features cypress trees, herbs, and vibrant summer blossoms. Bubbling fountains and peaceful walkways make it feel as if you’ve stepped into Italy! 

American Sign Museum
There aren’t many places that can transport visitors to another time period, but the American Sign Museum is definitely one of the few. More than 100 years of American sign making is displayed in the museum, which covers 20,000 square feet. From classics like vintage Chevrolet and Shell gas station signs to the more obscure motel and pharmacy signs, the museum’s collection is undeniably eclectic. Unlike most museums, the American Sign Museum encourages photography, creating the perfect Instagrammable moment.

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