Top 5 Local Iced Coffee Drinks To Help Beat the Summer Heat

Cool down with a cup of joe—on ice, blended, or otherwise—from one of these local coffee shops.

Photograph Courtesy Anthony Blake/

It doesn’t take a meteorologist to notice this summer’s sizzlin’ heat. It’s left people all over the Queen City, including us, desperately searching for ways to cool down. For many, this means grabbing an ice-cold beverage. We’ll be the first to admit we treat iced coffee as a year-round delicacy, but if you’re looking for a way to beat the heat, these five local twists on a generic cup of joe are your way to go. 

Deeper Roots’ Summer Punch Blend

If you prefer brewing your daily dose of caffeine at home, try Deeper Roots’ seasonal Summer Punch blend. This blend comes in a variety of different grinds (from pourover to french press and more) and can be purchased in either a 12- or 5-ounce bag. Made from natural-process Ethiopia Heirloom coffee from Anderacha and Sidamo Ethiopia, Summer Punch adds a fruity taste to your mug. With a blend of peach, citrus, berry, and floral flavors, it’s hard not to embrace the sunny summer mornings while savoring every sip. 

The 86 Coffee Bar & Concert Venue’s Affogato

Who says coffee is reserved for the mornings? Certainly not us, and The 86 Coffee Bar & Concert Venue’s affogatto seems to agree. A scoop of Aglamesis Bro’s Ice Cream and Candy’s vanilla ice cream swimming in rich espresso and topped with whipped cream and a cherry makes for the perfect dessert. (Is your mouth watering yet?) Go ahead and return for seconds (or try the Aglamesis nitro float), we won’t judge.

True West’s Raspberry Truffle Frap Latte

Looking for something frozen to satisfy your sweet tooth (and give you a boost to start the day)? True West’s Frap Latte offers the best of both worlds. This blended espresso latte will relieve that caffeine craving and can be made with flavors of your choice. We recommend the Black Sheep flavor combo (who can resist dark chocolate and vanilla?). 

Kidd Coffee’s Iced Berry White Latte

Though we love a classic hot latte topped with exquisite foam art, we’re hardly ones to pass up the chance for a sweet iced espresso. Kidd Coffee’s Berry White latte (ordered iced!) tastes like dessert in a cup. With Ghirardelli white mocha and raspberry flavors mixed with strong espresso and milk, the Berry White is the perfect way to treat yourself at the end of a busy week. 

1215 Wine Bar & Coffee Lab’s Iced Oat Milk Latte

If all of these drinks are just too much for your taste, try 1215 Wine Bar & Coffee Lab’s iced oat milk latte. The coffee bar introduced oat milk into its inventory in April and we can’t get enough. Though there are endless options in terms of coffee drinks, you can never go wrong with a classic latte (add a flavor of choice, if desired).

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