Tips for How to Buy A Wedding Dress Straight Off the Rack

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Don’t have time (or budget) to spare? Purchasing a wedding gown off the rack might be for you. Three local bridal boutique experts insist brides need not fear purchasing off the rack, citing the cost and time benefits, but you should be aware of what to expect (and avoid). Before you set off for a seemingly easy-breezy shopping trip, keep these suggestions in mind:

  • Inspect, inspect, inspect, and do so meticulously before you buy, advises Kelly Hill, owner of Lace Bridal Couture in the Reading Bridal District.
  • Keep an open mind. If you find a flaw, don’t write off the dress completely. “We don’t sell anything that can’t be repaired,” says Tina Minshall, general manager of Bridal and Formal in the Reading Bridal District.
  • Make sure it fits. “It needs to be somewhat true to size,” says Claire Canter, owner of Mansion Hill Bride in Newport. Buying too big can lead to costly alterations, negating any savings. The reverse is true, too: Buying too small, thinking you’ll lose weight, could backfire and cost you more in the end.
  • Beware bridal sizing. “Don’t get too wrapped up in that,” advises Minshall. “The size charts manufacturers use are from many, many, many years ago.

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