Three Coworking Spaces to Help You Feel Less Remote

When you need a space that’s a little more professional than a coffee shop, a coworking space might be just the ticket. Here’s a look inside three.

When Colemine Records, the recording label and studio arm of the popular downtown Loveland record store Plaid Room Records, outgrew its original space, the owners—brothers Terry and Bob Cole—set their eyes on a historic building just across the Little Miami River and less than a mile from their original location. The second floor of that building would eventually become Tupelo House, a multipurpose coworking and event hub. The brothers’ partner Whitney Pelfrey was helping with renovations the summer after they purchased the building and fell in love with the space. She was determined to find a way to give the building back to the community in a way that held real purpose. The first floor is now dedicated to the Plaid Room Records storefront with the Colemine Records recording studio in the back. Through a separate entrance and up a flight of stairs are four rooms available for rent: the Parlor Room, Garden Lounge, Petite Suite, and kitchenette.

As a freelance photographer, Pelfrey understood the challenges of working without a dedicated office space (it can be difficult to come off as professional when you meet clients for the first time in a coffee shop). She saw the potential for Tupelo House to be a common ground for creatives, like herself, to work, represent themselves, and bring people together.

Pelfrey isn’t the only one to take up this sort of effort. More and more mixed-use shared workspaces are popping up across Greater Cincinnati—from the central business district to the suburbs—and they all cater to their own audience. From creatives looking for a space that reflects their personal aesthetic to working parents and corporate staff who want to—even if just for a meeting—break out of the standard 9 to 5, it’s safe to say the coworking way of life isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

Gather Cincy

Photograph courtesy Gather Cincy

Gather Cincy
Mother-daughter cofounders Meg Cooper and Peggy Bustamante know the struggle of balancing work and family. When Cooper was pregnant with her first child, she—like many of her friends—was left facing a choice between work and childcare. Gather Cincy’s mission is to give its clients a place where they can work and be productive while also making parenting a priority. The East Walnut Hills space operates out of a historic homelike setting that inspires productivity while also offering onsite childcare, where your little one is only a stairway away.

Neighborhood: East Walnut Hills
Amenities: High-speed internet, coffee, drinks, snacks, networking events, private Facebook group, off-street parking, childcare center on premises, catered meals.
Cost: Coworking $158–$360 per month, coworking and childcare $360–$1,100 per month

Living Room

Photograph courtesy Living Room

Living Room
Just off the Norwood Lateral, Living Room attempts to create an ideal environment for remote workers, companies looking for inspiring meeting venues, and market research clients. Spread out across two buildings on either side of Norwood Avenue, the entire first floor of the main building is designated for flexible coworking. The upper floors and other building consist of spaces designated for meetings and market research. Using a mix of comfortable and modern furniture and workplace essentials—oversized whiteboards and tabletops made for spreading out—Living Room has all the comforts of working from home, without the distractions.

Neighborhood: Norwood
Amenities: Free WiFi, coffee, on-site lunch and snacks, draft beer, networking events, rooftop deck, off-street parking, second-story slide.
Cost: $35 per day, $75–$245 monthly

Tupelo House

Photograph courtesy Tupelo House

Tupelo House
Designed with the working creative in mind, Tupelo House, which opened in November 2018, is a truly multifunctional space. Ideal for the freelancer looking for a flexible space to meet clients, propose projects, and host workshops, Whitney Pelfrey and her team make the space work for individual needs, including styling, technology, photography, and marketing services. Located on the second floor of a historic house in Loveland above Plaid Room Records, Tupelo House was created by Pelfrey as the space she always wanted as a creative, and a way to create a community around like-minded people that is supportive, welcoming, and enriching.

Neighborhood: Downtown Loveland
Amenities: WiFi, Bluetooth speakers, storage, smart TV, kitchenette, marketing, photography, workshop and event hosting, off-street parking.
Cost: Room rental $100–$450, full space rental $250–$500, workshop hosting $250–$500

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