This Cotton Candy Is a Real Sugar High

Kira Fluker-Burch’s Kandi Artisan Candy Clouds delivers sweet treats for kids and adults—including a CBD blend.

Photograph by Jeremy Kramer

Last April, Kira Fluker-Burch decided to make her sweet tooth her business and launched Kandi Artisan Candy Clouds. “I loved cotton candy growing up,” says the preschool teacher and freelance artist. “A memory of sweet cotton candy with family at a fair or circus event is something that stays in your mind forever. I want to be that. I want to give that.”

Fluker-Burch makes custom-flavored candy clouds for clients, but her go-tos are the fruity Kiki Rainbow Punch, the creamy and caffeinated Fluffaccino, and the vanilla-infused Nilla Dream. If you’re over 21 and you want to mellow out, try the CBD blend, which contains Cannabis isolate—the crystalized medicinal component of the marijuana plant. Of course, her kid customers and clients tend to gravitate toward her most colorful offerings, which she fills with pieces of cereal and candy, edible glitter, and sprinkles to give her sugary creations a little something extra. For fruitier flavors, she also incorporates freeze-dried fruits into the sugar. For $10, you can get a 32-ounce tub of a couple of flavors of your choice. Do it—your inner child will thank you.

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