These Five Local Centers Are Committed to Helping People Living with Autism

Cincinnati is home to a wealth of resources that provide support and resources to children and adults living with autism.

April is World Autism Month, a time when organizations and those in the autism community—and those who love someone with autism—focus on sharing stories to increase awareness, understanding, and acceptance.

In 1995, the rate of autism in U.S. children was just one in 500. As of last year, that number had skyrocketed to one in 54. As the rate of diagnosis has grown over the years, so has the need for resources—and the Cincinnati region has responded. Here are five area organizations committed to provided support and resources to those with autism and their families.

Cincinnati Center for Autism

The Cincinnati Center for Autism provides special support in areas like academics, communication, social participation and adaptive behavior. It offers a range of programming, including a full-time school program; speech language, occupational, and music therapies; and applied behavioral analysis, a common positive-reinforcement therapy for autism that can improve communication. 305 Cameron Rd., Springdale, (513) 874-6789

Autism Society Greater Cincinnati

Those in need of specialized help can find social programming that incorporates music and art, support groups, and more at the Autism Society Greater Cincinnati, which has been helping local families for nearly 50 years. The organization focuses on improving the lives of those with autism, and also runs the Cincinnati Autism Connection Information & Referral service, which can aid family members in answering questions locating additional resources. P.O. Box 75, Milford, (513) 561-2300

Easterseals Serving Greater Cincinnati

Easterseals is a national organization, but its Cincinnati chapter has been around since 2012. The program, which is designed for young adults aged 16 to 25, focuses on creating a more diverse and inclusive workforce and community. Easterseals Serving Greater Cincinnati programming helps those with autism develops job skills, sometimes by employing individuals before they get into the traditional job market. The organization also provides specialized military and veteran services, adult-specific job assistance, and helps young people transition from school to post-secondary school or employment. 2901 Gilbert Ave., Cincinnati, (513) 281-2316

Kelly O’Leary Center 

Based out of Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center, the Kelly O’Leary Center specializes in a range of autism spectrum disorders. The center provides diagnosis, treatment, and local and regional resources for those with autism and their families, focusing its research on better understanding the causes of autism. Professional staff also offers training to family members to help improve the standard of care at home. A member of the Autism Speaks-Autism Treatment Network, the Kelly O’Leary Center is one of the highest-ranked autism centers in the United States. 3333 Burnet Ave., Corryville, (513) 636-4200

Applied Behavioral Services

With three Ohio locations, Applied Behavioral Services provides programming and services, including educational placement, for children with autism. Students at the center receive individualized teaching and curriculum, and programs are available both for those who need help following a classroom routine and those who are more independent. Applied Behavioral Service, which has been around since 1999, is the largest private educational placement service in Greater Cincinnati and Dayton. 4850 Madison Rd., Cincinnati, (513) 861-0300

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