The Yellow Ribbon Support Center Packages Care


The Yellow Ribbon Support Center works to provide comfort to our active-duty military members while reminding us of their dedication and service so far from home. Yellow Ribbon was started by Keith Maupin, father of local Staff Sergeant Matt Maupin (1983–2004), who died when his convoy was ambushed during his service in Iraq. “There were a lot of people who went out to find Matt,” says Maupin. “I figure I owe them.”

Here’s how it all works:

Photograph courtesy of Yellow Ribbon Support Center.

  • With a lean crew of just eight rotating volunteers working in Maupin’s garage, Yellow Ribbon Support Center has, since 2004, sent some 30,000 care packages to active military members, from clean socks and toothpaste to books and heartfelt notes from home.

Photograph courtesy of Yellow Ribbon Support Center.

  • Donations—both goods and funds— keep Yellow Ribbon Support Center running and support all their care package costs, including item acquisition, shipping, and packaging supplies.

  • Check out Yellow Ribbon’s Soldier’s Wish List to get donation ideas, including asked-for supplies like writing paper and envelopes, personal items like sunscreen and deodorant, and even small stuffed toys for soldiers to share with local children.

Photograph courtesy of Yellow Ribbon Support Center.

  • Donations to the Let Us Never Forget Scholarship dinner help Yellow Ribbon to honor “our local soldiers who have sacrificed their lives for our freedoms” while supporting the education of deserving students in the region. They’ve donated about $750,000 in scholarships since 2005.

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