Taking Root

Planting trees in low-canopy areas, conserving existing forests, promoting benefits of healthy trees, and fostering stewardship of our trees.

Cincinnati Gives Challenge, donate here: www.cincinnatigives.org/Taking-Root


MISSION: Taking Root inspires and empowers everyone within an eight-county region to improve our unique and threatened tree canopy. We plant trees in low-canopy areas, conserve existing forests, promote benefits of healthy trees, and foster stewardship of our trees.

• Cincinnati Public School (CPS) Outside. This year, in partnership with Green Umbrella, we are providing natural canopy to Outdoor Classrooms for CPS students. This initiative will provide students outdoor experiences and environmental education.

  • Mini-grants. Disbursed twice per year to organizations demonstrating a need for tree plantings.
  • Tree for Me. When funding is available, we distribute free, 5- to 6-foot trees to residents in targeted communities. We prioritize plantings in minority and low-income areas where tree canopy is low. Since 2018, we have planted 1,500 trees in 22 underserved communities.
  • Tree Professionals Seminar. Yearly seminar in December providing continuing education credits for tree professionals across the region.
  • Great Tree Summit. Yearly event in February with educational speakers and vendors—open to everyone.

Board of Directors
Elizabeth Fet, Susan Fox, David Gamstetter, Sincerrai Gentry, Pat Greeson, Cheryl Kling, Bruce Koehler, Dean Niemeyer, Travis Miller, Kris Stone, Jodie Zultowsky

Board Leadership
Pat Greeson, President
Dean Niemeyer, Vice President
Susan Fox, Treasurer
Bruce Koehler, Secretary

Plant a tree. Anywhere you can, whenever you can. Remember, someone is in the shade today because someone planted a tree long ago.

Join our volunteer list at TakingRoot.info. We need help with tree giveaways, tree plantings, and event organization. We need you!

Educate yourself. Understand the vital services trees provide to us and other creatures. Understand how trees enrich the soil, the air we breathe, and our quality of life. Discover how trees protect our built environment by reducing run-off.

Educate others. Raising awareness, one person at a time, is crucial. You never know when the seed of knowledge you plant with someone will take root.

Sign up. Attend the Tree Professional Seminar on December 1, 2022, in downtown Cincinnati, and the Great Tree Summit on February 25, 2023, at the Ft. Thomas Mess Hall. Register online as the dates approach.

Become a partner. Your business or organization can help further our goals. Register at TakingRoot.info.

P.O. Box 428818
Cincinnati, OH 45242

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