Tableside with…Sara Bornick


Illustration by Chrissy Lau

She may have attended the Midwest Culinary Institute in hopes of churning her way to ice cream domination, but the success of Sara Bornick’s artisan popsicle shop, Streetpops, is evidence that sweets on sticks were her real path to frozen treat glory.

How many flavors do you have? We’re up to 80 flavors now; the very first was avocado.

Avocado? Everyone asks, “Is this going to taste like guacamole?” but it doesn’t. Avocado is a dessert in some cultures—people add it to their shakes and their ice cream. We mix it with local Snowville cream and sugar.

So it’s not as weird as it sounds? Not really. We also do spicy flavors—chocolate chili pepper, pineapple habañero, and cucumber jalapeño. It heats you up and cools you off at the same time.

How do you avoid that horrible teeth-on-ice sensation? The faster you freeze a popsicle, the less time it has to form ice crystals. Our machine freezes 88 popsicles in 20 minutes. If you’re popping a Dixie cup in your freezer, you may get the flavor, but you’ll also get the iciness.

If you had to choose between Graeter’s and popsicles, what would win? That’s tough. I love their ice cream, especially black raspberry chip, but popsicles are nostalgic, and available in so many different flavors that you never get sick of them.

Streetpops, 1437 Main St., Over-the-Rhine, (513) 446-7505,

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