Sweeten Your Summer With These Five Watermelon-Based Treats

July is “National Watermelon Month,” so why not celebrate with verve?

Cincinnati temperatures are high, but you don’t need to feel low; if the heat is making you feel stuffy or lethargic, watermelon is a quick fix. Evocative of scenic picnics and lengthy pool days, the fruit exudes a summerlike essence, revitalizing anyone who takes a bite. With a subtly saccharine taste, the seasonal staple is even sweeter in dessert form. At the below-mentioned local spots, discover a variety of fresh and flavorful watermelon goodies during National Watermelon Month.

Honey Child Artisan Pops’ watermelon mint pops

Photograph courtesy Damien Thompson

Honey Child Artisan Pops

Affectionately called “pops,” these frozen popsicles prioritize health and happiness. Honey Child debuted at Taste of Cincinnati 2019, at which they introduced the watermelon mint pop. “It was actually the first pop we ever sold,” said Vice President of Operations Sarah Thompson. First, fresh watermelon is broken down and blended into a purée. Soon after, strawberry, mint, and a dash of honey are mixed in to enhance the pop’s rich flavor. Once frozen, it’s ready to soothe consumers. “Both watermelon and mint are used in traditional Chinese medicine to cool the body,” explained Thompson, who has a background in herbal medicine. Seek out Honey Child’s popsicle carts at Findlay Market or Montgomery Farmers’ Market. 1719 Elm St, Over-The-Rhine, (513) 800-0911

Happy Chicks Bakery’s watermelon lemongrass cupcake.

Photograph courtesy Jana Douglass

Happy Chicks Bakery

Valuing creative flavors with artistic presentation, Happy Chicks Bakery is equipped to satisfy any voracious vegan. Even if you’re non-vegan, you should definitely try before you deny. Before taking up residence in Northside, owner Jana Douglass would sell her baked goods at farmers markets. Thus, she is intimately acquainted with local produce, including watermelon. Happy Chicks’ watermelon lemongrass cupcake will be sold on and off most of the summer, depending on availability of ingredients. “It is a lemongrass cupcake, and then it has a mint icing and a watermelon cilantro chutney on top,” says Douglass. 4035 Hamilton Ave, Northside, (513) 386-7990

Photograph courtesy Diana Ryll Photography

Paradise Ice

For a decade, Paradise Ice has served authentic Hawaiian style shave ice, paring down block ice into fluffy flakes of goodness. “It just produces a crunchier texture,” said owner Tena Probst. “The block ice is much lighter, almost like snow.” This season, they’re offering four different watermelon flavor combinations: Heather’s Hulatini (watermelon, kiwi, and strawberry), Little Grass Shack (watermelon, pineapple, and orange), Pearly Shells (watermelon, melona, and strawberry), and Waikiki (watermelon and pink lemonade). To get the full experience, order any glacial delight with a scoop of vanilla ice cream on the bottom and a “snowcap” of sweetened condensed milk on the top. 1313 SR 131, Milford, (513) 659-2899


For those who need (or prefer) a dairy-free dessert, Whipty-Do! is eager to provide it. An adorable shade of pink, their watermelon dole whip is sensationally smooth, and can be served in a cup or cone. “Our dole whip is super popular,” said Emma Pratt, a Whipty-Do! employee. “People want that summer, fruity flavor.” If you’re a soft serve maximalist, consider adding rainbow sprinkles or fruity pebbles to create some crunch. Go through the drive-through or stop by the walk-up window to try it for yourself. 2529 US Hwy 22, Maineville, (513) 774-0200

Henry’s Candy Co.

Stepping into Henry’s Candy Co. can be classified as its own summertime adventure. Since it opened in 2017, the sweet shop has become massively popular, featuring an awe-inspiring array of sugar confectioneries. This July, stop by to sample some watermelon gummi rings. Reminiscent of pool floaties, they’re delightfully chewy and sufficiently sweet. Plus, you can make an assorted bag of gummies, choosing from an extensive list of flavors and shapes. A handful of complementary flavors include strawberry, cherry, mango, and pineapple. 243 High St., Hamilton, (513) 889-2736

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