Streetview: 14th & Main

The historic Woodward Theater anchors the block, which shares a new and improved pedestrian connection to the renovated Ziegler Park.

As part of the magazine’s November cover package, “Over-the-Rhine Turns a Corner,” we highlight five intersections that represent the past, present, and future of Cincinnati’s most iconic neighborhood. Some have been transformed over the past 20 years, others are in transition, and one is in the midst of a debate over the best way to simultaneously serve long-term OTR residents and the neighborhood’s history character.

  1. Peaslee Neighborhood Center

Photograph by Carlie Burton

Everlene Leary and Kathleen Prudence bought the Peaslee School in 1984 to create the children’s community center.

  1. The Pony

The bar and grill, opened in 2018, takes its cues from Buffalo tavern fare.

  1. Ziegler Park and Pool

Woodward Street was closed this year to create a grand entrance to the park, which was expanded in 2017.

  1. Art Beyond Boundaries

Artists of all abilities can show, promote, and sell their own works at this gallery.

  1. Woodward Theater

The Beaux-Arts theater (now a performance and event space) joined the MOTR family in 2013.

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