Starfire Council

Working alongside people with developmental disabilities to remove barriers, spark connections, and build a more inclusive world.

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MISSION: Starfire works alongside people with developmental disabilities to remove barriers, spark connections, and build a more inclusive world! We help people create opportunities where they can be known for their gifts, not their disabilities.

SERVING OUR COMMUNITY: Starfire partners with people with developmental disabilities, like Down syndrome, autism, and cerebral palsy, to help build more fulfilling lives, reduce isolation, and increase social connectivity via:

Community Builder Network
We meet 1:1 with adults with developmental disabilities to discern interests, develop social connections and a valued role to celebrate and share their unique gifts.

We’re creating new ways for ordinary citizens to become involved, and creating new circles of support around people with disabilities to bring new and old friends together, along with funding to launch community projects that spark connections!

Starfire Family Network
We partner with families of loved ones with disabilities to help them create neighborhood projects and connect to a world that doesn’t dwell on the “can’t, won’t, and never” of their disability.

Starfire Learning Network
We train service organizations to deliver Starfire’s proven person-first, design thinking, and asset-based community development approaches to build a more inclusive culture, and a better world.

Megan Selnick, Board President
Brendan Hosty, Board President Emeritus

Board Members
Alen Amini
Jessica Beauchamp
Katie Bogenschutz
Nancy Fuller
Doug Goering
Will Goering
Jan Goings
Jeremy Jarrett
Sean McCosh
Allison Mercurio
Chrissy Phibbs
Louie Randolph
Paul Stoehr
Damian Wilson
Mitch Haralson, MSW, LCSW, Executive Director
Robbie Jennings Michels, Director, Development & Marketing

People with developmental disabilities face exclusion and loneliness every day. The isolation can be devastating. That’s why the community building work of Starfire is so important.

• A gift of $5,000 will fund the work of our Community Builders who provide 1:1 mentorship, guidance, connections, and hope for adults with developmental disabilities.

• A gift of $2,000 helps Starfire Family Network partner with more families of loved ones with disabilities to discover and share abilities, gifts, connections, and joy.

• A gift of $1,000 can fund Starfire Leadership Network training for nonprofit organizations who provide service to individuals with developmental disabilities.

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Cincinnati, OH 45211
(513) 281-2100

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