Spotted: Sausage Making at Avril-Bleh and Sons Meat Market

Spotted: Sausage Making at Avril-Bleh and Sons Meat Market

Serious about sausage? If so, check out the sausage making classes currently being offered by Avril-Bleh and Sons Meat Market, downtown on Court Street. One of the few artisanal butcher shops left in the city, Avril’s isn’t just the place to go for the best cuts. They’re also up for showing you how it’s done.

This past November, Avril’s taught a beef class where students learned how to break down an entire side of beef. Specific cuts were demonstrated and students also did the trimming, rolling of roasts, and preparation of tenderloins. Each student left with a tenderloin and 25-30 pounds of different cuts.

The sausage classes, to be held on Sundays, will be limited to ten students per class. Students will spend four hours in the production area of the shop trimming Boston Butt cuts of pork, grinding the meat, mixing in spices, and stuffing and linking their own sausages. For $125, each student will go home with about 10 pounds in a variety of flavors. Space is limited, but there are still a few slots open for this Sunday (Jan 19) as well as next (Jan 26).

Avril-Bleh and Sons Meat Market 33 East Court Street, downtown, (513) 241-2433,

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