Spotted: La Terza coffee at Dean’s Mediterranean Imports

The Findlay Market vendor now offers a bulk wall of locally roasted beans—Dean’s Beans!

La Terza coffee is some of the best roasted in town. It’s also some of the hardest to track down, especially if you’re phobic to the idea of a coffee subscription or online ordering, which emotionally-if-not-really seems to negate the buying-local thing. Luckily, Kate Zaidan, the owner of Dean’s Mediterranean Imports at Findlay Market, has fixed that. Enter Dean’s Beans, the bulk wall of eight (eight!) varieties of freshly roasted La Terza whole-bean coffee for $14 per pound, which you can buy as much or as little of as you wish, and can grind fresh on-site. Go forth and caffeinate, and if you need something to pair with that afternoon cuppa—all the more reason to buy the homemade baklava at the counter. 108 W. Elder St., Findlay Market, (513) 241-8222,

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