Spotted: Drync for iPhone


We found drync, a new, free app for the iPhone last week and knew our wallets were in trouble. We’ve all had that great bottle of wine at a restaurant, on vacation or at a dinner party but then struggled to find a source. Enter drync, a third-party wine app that allows you to locate the beloved bottle and order it, through the app, directly from the seller. It’s kind of like a cross between the wine app Cellar Tracker and the music app Shazam. The app, which will soon be available for Droid phones as well, can access bar codes, magazine pages, or even billboards to help track a wine. Wine is shipped within 2 to 14 days of purchase to 42 states with a two-bottle minimum. Current shipping rates range from $9.99 for two bottles to $18.99 for six to 10. Shipping is free on orders of 12 bottles or more. Note: the app tends to focus on fairly mainstream wines. Drinkers of über-rare, cult wines may find themselves disappointed.

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