Spoon Offers Locally-Sourced Groceries for All

Spoon: Kitchen and Market is a grocery store, restaurant, gathering space, coffeehouse, and bar, all with an eye toward sustainability.

Photograph by Devyn Glista

Spoon: Kitchen and Market wears several hats in Covington—it’s a grocery store, restaurant, gathering space, coffeehouse, and bar, all with an eye toward sustainability. Guests can stop by for a baked salmon bowl, shop for fruits and vegetables, pick up a French press, and come back for a bourbon flight or boozy coffee after work.

“You cannot put it in a box,” says Jessica Williams, Spoon’s cofounder. “At first, it really seemed to confuse people but as the time has gone by, I find that they are really starting to enjoy it. The freedom to make it whatever you want it to be is liberating. Your daily coffee shop, a place to let your kids play, enjoy a wine class, just sit and enjoy the atmosphere. We got you covered.”

Photograph by Devyn Glista

Spoon grew out of absence. Although MainStrasse is well known for variety, Jessica and her co-founder/ husband, Stephen Williams (of Bouquet), struggled to find healthy lunch options. They saw an opportunity, and when they found the right venue, they realized they had room to do much, much more.

“As the building was coming together, and we started to see all the extra space we had not anticipated, the opportunity to expand the original idea of what we would put there just kept growing,” Jessica explains.

Photograph by Devyn Glista

From the beginning, the couple knew they wanted more than healthy food. Partnerships with small regional and family-owned farms and businesses like Black Hawk Farms in Princeton, Kentucky; Carriage House Farm in North Bend; Dark Wood Farm in Petersburg, Kentucky; and Ed-Mar Dairy in Walton, Kentucky, allow Spoon to offer everything from fresh meat and seasonal vegetables to gourmet coffee and cake. Gluten-free, vegetarian, vegan, and more diet-specific options abound.

If MainStrasse is too far for lunch, keep in mind Spoon has a wine club. Memberships will include a monthly wine tasting with a hand-selected bottle and pairing notes, and a class hosted by rotating sommeliers. The grocer/ eatery/coffeeshop also has artist collaborations in the works. “There is so much to experience,” Jessica says. “And we do this because we love it.” They hope you’ll love it, too.

Spoon: Kitchen and Market, 501 Main St., Suite A, Covington, (859) 916-6204

Photograph by Devyn Glista


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