Schneider’s Sweet Shop


Homemade rules at this 72-year-old Bellevue institution. Opened in 1939 by Robert Schneider Sr., nearly everything on the menu—from the ice cream to the ice balls to an expansive range of candies—is made in-house. Ice balls are the specialty, though. If you’re unfamiliar, just imagine a Sno-Kone with an ice cream center. (Still hard to imagine? Turn to page 61 and check out our diagram.) Much of the magic comes from the combination of ice cream flavor and the added syrups (they even have one called “tiger blood”; no word if Charlie Sheen has tried it). Purists, you’ll be plenty satisfied with whatever flavor of ice cream you choose. We especially love the coffee (not too strong) and the peanut butter. 420 Fairfield Ave., Bellevue, (859) 431-3545,

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