Sanchez Thomas’s Juice’d-tox Will Quench Your Thirst

The owner of this local juicery brand has big plans for the future.
Sanchez Thomas

Illustration by Chris Danger

We caught up with Sanchez Thomas of Juice’d-tox, the new local made-to-order juice delivery service about getting his business started, his favorite juice creation, the future of the business, and more.

How did you get started with Juice’d-tox Juicery? I guess you could say after I gained a “freshman 45.” I came home [from college] and old teammates and my brother noticed the weight gain, so I instantly got into the gym and started doing Herbalife. I didn’t like the taste of Herbalife shakes and wanted a product I could get behind. At the time, I had no idea what that would be. I just knew I wanted to help people get healthy. I then found out my mom was diagnosed with diabetes and had to change her diet starting with a juice-only cleanse. I felt terrible and said if she’s gotta juice, I’ll create recipes she can enjoy. I realized I enjoyed it! The taste and how I felt from there, I realized I’d found my product.

How long have you been making juices under this brand? Three years. I rebranded on my birthday in March 2018. Two years prior, I had “Chez Got tha Juice,” but hated the name. I also had a cheap juicer with ugly bottles. I figured if this was going to be my brand, I had to level up on the name, bottles, logo, marketing, and juicer!

What’s your favorite juice creation? I’m constantly looking for my next big creation, but I honestly think Cashew Crazy is my favorite. It’s a nut Mylk and the process of making it is so dope. Lactose free and tasty. After that, it’s my Nipsey Blue juice. The color is unmatched.

What are your best sellers? Pineapples with Attitude and Purple Rain & Watermelon Vibez have been the favorites. Depending on which customers you ask, they may say different but those are my three. Pineapples with Attitude is one and Purple Rain & Watermelon Vibez is the other most ordered juices to date.

How do you come up with your flavors? Between cooking and juicing, just going in the kitchen and playing around with taste is a lot of fun for me. I also travel a lot and visit juice bar owners to bounce ideas off of them as well as attending a juice convention to listen to the trends of fruits being matched up. I pull creativity all types of ways.

How do you measure success for your brand? I’m extremely hard on myself so that’s a tough question for me. However, success is measured by the growth of my clientele and having an impact on their lives. I want Juice’d-tox to be a household name.

Who/what inspires you? My family. My son, my brother, and more importantly, where I come from. My city isn’t the easiest to survive. I’ve been through a lot of wild things growing up but the fact that I’m here today shows me God put me here to be more than average.

Where do you see Juice’d-tox going in the future? In the near future, I’m looking at joining Findlay Market and getting into the brick-and-mortar program. The bigger goal though: Juice’d-tox will have a truck that will sell juices, treats, and vegan/vegetarian bites. After that I want to franchise a storefront and have one in every major city. I’m excited! With faith, hard work, and support I believe this is only the beginning for my brand.

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