Retro-Themed Homemakers Bar Opens Its Doors in OTR

The nostalgic spot features low-proof cocktails and light bites.
Catherine Manabat (left) and Julia Petiprin (right)

Photograph by Brooke Shanesy

Los Angelenos turned Cincinnati restaurateurs, Julia Petiprin and Catherine Manabat, have opened the doors to their first joint OTR business, Homemakers Bar, on the corner of 13th and Walnut streets. The brightly colored spot features vintage decor, bubbly low-proof cocktails, and nostalgic light bites.

The pair, who initially bonded over a shared love of vermouth, has already carved out their place in the Cincinnati bar scene with work behind Sundry and Vice and Metropole at 21c Museum Hotel Cincinnati. However, this latest venture brings their unique vision to life and further cements them into the community.

Photograph by Victoria Moorwood

“The name Homemakers is kind of cheeky, but at the same time, Julia and I are both not from here, so the idea that we made Cincinnati our home is really meaningful to us,” Manabat says. “We’re really invested in being a part of Cincinnati—living here, opening this business, and cultivating a culture.”

Photograph by Victoria Moorwood

The retro theme is carried throughout the bar, from brightly painted rooms and vintage games to drinks named after ads from the ’50s. The spacious front room will be perfect for hosting themed dance nights and cocktail classes, while the backroom—equipped with a small kitchen—serves as a quieter, more intimate second bar.

As for the beverage program, Petiprin and Manabat are excited to offer bubbly low-proof drinks from the ’50s through the ’70s that feature obscure liquors, herbal wines, and Insta-worthy garnishes, plus twists on classics. “We’re a good place to come when you start your night,” Petiprin says.

The snacks include nostalgic treats and Midwestern favorites, like ham salad finger sandwiches, salami-and–cream cheese roll-ups, and homemade pickles.

Photograph by Brooke Shanesy

“The idea of celebrating makers is very important to us,” Manabat adds. “We want this to be an open, fun place. Just a happy place with moments that make you smile.”

Homemakers Bar, 35 E. 13th St., Over-the-Rhine

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