Restaurant Week, Autumn Edition


You’re gonna need a bigger belt.

Greater Cincinnati Independent Restaurant’s Fall Restaurant Week runs today through September 19. Yeah, the price tag has gone up a bit. It’s $33 for a three-course meal at most of the participating restaurants. But some of the more casual places are offering two three-course meals for $33. Either way—still a deal.

Twenty-six places are participating this year, including first-timer Clough Crossings in Anderson. The thinking behind Restaurant Week is that diners will be motivated to check out places where they don’t normally dine. Plus, the special pricing tempts folks to indulge in splashy meals even on nights that are traditionally “quiet” (i.e. “dead”) in the food service biz. For example, GCI president Jon Diebold says that Jag’s Steak and Seafood served 400 diners on Sunday during last fall’s affair. Pretty monumental, since the restaurant is usually closed then. “If you gotta open on a Sunday,” says Diebold, “you might as well serve 400!”  Details:  

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