Ray Ball Mixes Athleisure With High-End Fashion

Brand Strategist Ray Ball mixes athleisure with higher-end items and creates a comfortable, confident style all her own.

Occupation: Owner of BallR Media
Style: Comfortable and confident

What do you do?

I turn dreamers into doers. Everyone has great ideas but not everyone knows how to turn those ideas into goals, [so I use] my creativity to really help brands shine.

Describe your style for me.

My personal style is comfy and cute. Growing up I was a tomboy; I only wore sneakers and didn’t wear anything pink. I was a three-sport athlete. Athleisure wasn’t a thing back then. It was either soccer shorts or hoop shorts for me.

Photograph by Aaron M. Conway

How has your style changed since then?

I’m actually wearing hoop shorts right now, but being able to feel confident in what I’m wearing and put pieces together that typically aren’t fancy items [is something I take pride in]. I’ll wear a pair of patent leather Top 3 gold-toe Jordans with a beautiful DKNY skirt and a leather biker jacket, knowing that I’m going to a political event or a meeting. A couple years ago, I would have been nervous that I wouldn’t be taken professionally. But I’ve gotten to a point where I am so confident in myself and in what I bring into the room that whatever I wear also projects that.

Has your style grown with your company?

I can definitely say that it’s adapted. Early on in my business, I honestly thought that I had to wear dresses and heels everywhere, even though my feet were killing me the entire time. I thought I had to be Michelle Obama, and that just wasn’t my personal style. In the right space, yes I will do that, but as I matured, I also started to look at brands more closely, specifically independent designers, and reduce a lot of my financial support of the fast-fashion industry. I’ve also become more intentional about shopping with minority women– and Black-owned businesses and supporting them without asking for a discount and without doing anything extra but just liking their work.

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