Oscar Meyer’s Wienermobile Makes Six-Day Stop in Queen City

Here’s your chance to get up close and personal with one of Oscar Meyer’s traveling hot dog–shaped vehicles.

Photograph courtesy of Oscar Meyer

Ever wish you had the chance to get a picture with one of Oscar Meyer’s iconic Wienermobiles? Zach n Cheese and his partner, Ketchup Katie, are here to make your dreams true. Today through February 15, the pair and their hot dog–shaped vehicle are booking appearances at public and private events all around the Queen City. From birthday parties to festivals, the pair is game for almost any event happening over the next six days.

Before hitting Cincinnati, driver Zachary “Zach n Cheese” Chatham spent the last six months visiting about 16 different states in the Wienermobile. The idea to send the company’s six hot dog vehicles on cross-country excursions to celebrate special occasions with fans came after Chatham asked if he could use the vehicle to propose to his girlfriend last year.

Attendees at private events will receive a photo with the vehicle and an Oscar Meyer wiener whistle. Each event appearance will follow all Centers for Disease Control guidelines (small gatherings, socially distanced, masked participants) and no one will be allowed inside of the Wienermobile to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. To book the Wienermobile, visit khcmobiletour.com/wienermobile/request.

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