Open: Obscura’s Jim Thompson Room

Open: Obscura’s Jim Thompson Room
Marlow, the Bengal tiger mascot

Looking to buy into a bottle club? Maybe one with a full-sized, stuffed, Bengal tiger mascot named Marlow? We’ve got you covered—or rather, Jim Thomspon, in his notorious, posthumous absence, has you covered. Confused?

Obscura, the upscale cocktail lounge on the corner of Walnut and 7th Streets, has recently opened a bottle club in its basement. The room, painted a deep, Suzie Wong-inspired red, is decorated with larger-than-life Buddha statues, the aforementioned stuffed Bengal tiger (who was not hunted for decorative purposes, but rather naturally succumbed to diabetes at the tender age of three), and currently features the paintings of contemporary artist Jolie Harris. One wall of the room is also lined with locked cupboards where club members can keep bottles of alcoholic beverages for their own consumption. While corkage fees do apply, members can also opt to buy into Buffalo Trace bourbon or Maestro Dobel tequila by the barrel.

Jim Thompson room members do have access to exclusive cocktails from the private Tiki menu, such as the Frozen Pineapple (not sold upstairs at Obscura). But they can also order from the Obscura food and beverage menus. Non-members can visit the room, named for the American silk tycoon expat who mysteriously went missing from Malaysia in 1967, for bi-monthly Thursday night wine tastings.

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