Online Shopping the Local Way with Harlow & Liv

Online Shopping the Local Way with Harlow & Liv

Fashionable entrepreneurs Jennifer Baker and Krista Schmidt took a chance and followed their dreams when they started the aptly named Harlow & Liv online boutique in Fall 2013. We asked them about their business, their favorite fashions, and the best way to stay stylish in the midst of a polar vortex.

I know you’re local, but where are physically located? Is it just you two running everything?
Our office is located in West Chester at the Voice of America shopping center. We operate and run every detail of Harlow & Liv, from shipping and customer service to marketing and hand-selecting all looks for the boutique. We’re a two-woman show, so if you’re shopping with Harlow & Liv and have any questions we’re only an e-mail or phone call away! We love that we have a relationship with our customers. Relationships are important to us and are the building blocks of our business. 

How would you describe the overall vibe of your site and merchandise?
We actually have two different looks when it comes to our fashion. The “Harlow” woman is someone who likes to be trendy and a bit edgy, all while maintaining a sophisticated, classic look. The “Liv” woman is a tad more free-spirited and likes to be fashionable, but not too loud or trendy. She likes a little sweetness in her everyday look. When you browse our website you’ll see both of these styles. 

What are your three favorite items available right now?
This is a hard question! Some of our favorite looks haven’t even hit our website yet because we’ll be launching them at Cincy Chic’s “New Year New You” fashion show. However, our three favorite upcoming trends are jumpsuits, leather skirts paired with tucked-in blouses, elbow patch cardigans with blouses, and collarless blazers. These are going to be going strong for Spring. 

Seasonal styles from

What are two tips for dressing well when it’s so darn cold and snowy?
One must-have winter accessory is a fabulous scarf, or even two. They look great with so many different looks, from leggings to dresses to jeans. Plus, you can always count on a scarf to add some personality to your wardrobe and color around your face in these dreary winter months. Our scarves are very popular!

Another tip is to not forget about looking fashionable and fresh! Just because it’s cold out doesn’t mean you have to forget about you. Find clothing that fits you well and that you are proud to wear. Having a great go-to poncho or cardigan is always a must-have for our closets.

So what’s next for Harlow and Liv?
As soon as we wrap up with the fashion show we are going to be turning our attention to launching an amazing Spring line just in time for spring break. Also, we’ll be cohosting a benefit for Haiti with two friends who are also business owners and professionals in the Cincinnati area. We are really excited to gather local businesses, throw a party, and offer some great food, drinks, and shopping—all while raising money to build a school and community center for children in Haiti. If anyone is interested in learning how to get involved with this growing event, we can be contacted at

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