On Repeat

On Repeat

Local singer/songwriter Jennifer Ellis has made a mother’s dream of not repeating herself a reality with an app she created called Mommy Buttons.

Ellis, of Kenwood, says she realized she was repeating the same points to her boys, Eli and Tyler. Ellis, who also sings jazz music to children, reached out to a friend to help her develop Mommy Buttons, which lets you record reminders and sayings like “eat your vegetables” or “go brush your teeth.” It’s a fun way to get kids to listen, and it allows kids to hear their parent’s voice when they’re away. The early feedback has been all positive.

“For us, Mommy Buttons has helped to turn my repetitive daily parent moments into a ‘wow’ moment that has us all stop and giggle,” she says.

Up next: Daddy Buttons, of course.

99 cents, Apple and Android, mommybuttons.com

Originally published in Baby Guide 2014

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