Niecy Aryetey Finds Joy in Fashion

The stylish full-time pharmacy student says the everyday things we do bring us real joy, ”and for me, that is fashion and beauty.”


OCCUPATION: Full-time pharmacy student at University of Cincinnati, intern at Good Samaritan Hospital

STYLE: Comfortable, colorful, classy

When did you first become interested in fashion?

Fashion goes way back—probably 6, 7 years [old]. It started with seeing my mom get dressed up for church, for different functions. I grew up in Ghana, and I moved to the United States about 16 years ago. I’d see my aunts in these beautiful African fabrics. If you’re Ghanian, fashion is something you’d automatically get interested in because of our rich culture. You couldn’t escape from it. [Growing up in Ghana] influenced the colors I put on. I wear color year-round. I don’t go through a season of, OK, this is winter so we have to do cooler tones. Even the fabrics I choose—there’s a big influence with that.

What do you love about fashion?

Putting on clothes and looking good for myself is therapeutic for me. We need to find different things that bring us joy. We expect to find joy in the craziest places and the most out-of-touch or unrealistic places, but sometimes when we look a little closer, maybe the everyday things we do, that is where our joy actually comes from. And for me, that is fashion and beauty.

Do you see your love of fashion and beauty connecting with your career in pharmacy?

Wherever I end up working, whether it’s in hospital or retail, even if I am putting on my scrubs, you are gonna see me [in] high-fashion scrubs. First impressions are very important, and how you present yourself tells people a lot.

What’s your favorite thing in your closet right now?

I have a dress. It’s a high-end brand that makes these clothes—Lord knows how much—and I found a boutique that made a dupe of it, and it fits so perfect. The silhouette, the way it cinches my waist, and how full it is, the length, the balloon sleeves. It’s colorful. It’s classy. It’s comfortable. It is my favorite thing, that dress. For now.

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