Ham and Roast Beef

Behold Red Fox Grill’s massive sandwich, where bread slices fear to tread.

I have gone through seasons of improper sandwich making. As a child, I was heavy on the cheese. As a teenager, too much bread. College years, condiments—dear God, the condiments. Today, I can finally make a consistently good sandwich. And let me tell you: What Red Fox Grill is doing with bread, meat, a few veggies, and condiments destroys everything I understood about making a good sandwich. They offer 55 options on the menu (45 of them double decker) and still note: “Please ask if you do not see what you are looking for as not all sandwich combinations are shown.” You want two types of cheese, four meats, and an egg? No problem! Their true innovation is not choice, but size. Look at that sandwich. To order it, you say, “Ham and roast beef, please.” What part of that sentence prepares you for the behemoth before you? It’s as if their sandwich maker possessed mammoth hands only capable of grabbing three inches of meat at a time. Enough about the size. The sandwich: It is actually delicious. Meat thinly sliced so the tongue will come into contact with no fewer than 1,000 pieces of ham and roast beef. Lettuce and mayo providing just enough taste to remind the consumer that it is, in fact, a sandwich. The bread, toasted and sturdy as steel. Unhinge your jaw, bring a camera. But take heed: You best be hungry.

Red Fox Grill
232 E. Sixth St., Downtown
(513) 621-7924

Originally published in the November 2011 issue.

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