Mosaic Climbing Lets Kids Reach for the Stars

At this Cincinnati rock climbing studio, kids can test their limits, succeed, and even fail, in a safe and accessible space.

Photograph by Sarah McCosham

I’ve learned lots of lessons over the last 12 years of parenthood. For instance, nothing changes a bad mood like time spent outdoors—whether it’s a playground, nature center, or even a walk around the block. Fruit snacks are the ultimate bribery currency. Fifth grade math is beyond my skillset. And each kid is wholly, wonderfully unique—and should be appreciated and parented as such.

My oldest is very much a “look before you leap” type. My second-born was full-on running at 10 months and is what her preschool teacher kindly called “busy.” Then there’s Harvey, the third McCosham kid who came out climbing. As in, you turn your back for a moment, and you have a toddler on the table.

This naturally kept me on my toes, causing more than one wrinkle and worry line—and funding our “swear jar” along the way. But here’s the thing: I could fight Harvey’s natural Spider Man inclinations…or I could harness them into a real-life superpower that will serve him now and into adulthood.

Photograph by Sarah McCosham

I chose the latter, outfitting our sycamore trees with climbers and zip lines, allowing him to scale our neighborhood’s massive pines (with a helmet), and enrolling him in climbing classes at Mosaic Climbing.

Located in Loveland, Mosaic Climbing is the best place for kids to hone their climbing skills. The climbing studio opened in 2020 (right before the world shut down), and has happily weathered the last few years, providing a much-needed outlet for climbers of all ages, skill levels, and abilities.

Photograph by Sarah McCosham

You don’t need previous experience or fancy gear; come in comfortable, close-fitting clothing and regular gym shoes. There is a massive rock wall and a more “kid-friendly” space, making for an experience the whole family can enjoy; in fact, I often see parents participating in one-on-one climb sessions with their kids. Memberships are available, as are drop-in climbing sessions.

Billed as “adventure for everyone,” Mosaic really is about the experience of climbing, much to the delight of my Danny Tanner, life-lesson-touting heart. As a parent, I want to give my kids opportunities to succeed and thrive; what Mosaic Climbing offers is a safe, hands-on space where kids can feel strong and empowered, test their limits, and undoubtedly fail (and fall)—and then get up and try again.

Mosaic Climbing, 9501 Union Cemetery Rd., Loveland

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