Mom Boss: Sweet Cheeks Diaper Bank Founder Megan Fischer

When Megan Fischer learned that more than 16,000 children in Greater Cincinnati experience diaper need, she couldn’t get it out of her head— and Sweet Cheeks Diaper Bank was born (and not long after her second child, to boot). Here, we learn how championing diapers helped this founder find her style.

Photograph courtesy Ryan Kurtz

You started Sweet Cheeks a year after having your second child (son Archer is 6 and daughter Elsa is 4). How did all that change shift your style?
It’s definitely evolved quickly. In the beginning, I didn’t have the volunteer base I do now, so I did a lot of the work myself. It was super physical. I’d end up in a business meeting in shorts and a T-shirt, and I started to feel with my position as CEO that I wasn’t looking the part.

What’d you do about it?
I got a more professional wardrobe, and I’m loving it. I love suit jackets—they make me feel powerful. And I can still wear skinny jeans and a wedge heel and look perfectly appropriate.

Where do you find these soul-inspiring suit jackets?
Clothes Mentor, because like any good Midwesterner, I love a good deal. Macy’s. Calvin Klein fits me really well.

Let’s talk beauty. In 2017, you had this rad pink hair . . .
[Laughs] It’s been platinum for over a year. I keep saying, “I’m going to go back to pink,” and I just don’t. Maybe for summer I’ll go back.

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