Micro-Influencer Adelia Killian Shares Her Love Of Cincy

The 26-year-old influencer is proudly “making Cincy look like NYC.”

When Adelia Killian started blogging on WordPress in January 2018, she had no intention of making it her career. At the time, she was still navigating life as a college student. Even when she moved to Cincinnati after graduation, she worked a day job, while curating outfits and shooting photos on her days off in an attempt to not only explore her new city, but romanticize it.

As she promoted her blog online, Killian’s social media following quickly grew. Soon, she wasn’t just blogging. She was influencing, sharing her favorite brands with her readers. And when she was laid off from her day job, she realized she was actually earning more through sponsored content on her blog. In 2022, she took her side gig full-time.

Today, the 26-year-old has more than 215,000 followers on TikTok and nearly 18,000 on Instagram, where she’s proudly “making Cincy look like NYC.” “When I first moved [here] in 2019, I moved downtown,” Killian says. “There’s more to Cincy than meets the eye.”

On her accounts, Killian posts about lifestyle, beauty, motherhood (she and her husband welcomed a daughter, Madeline, in April), and plus-sized fashion inspiration.

“I’ve always loved putting outfits together and I love the challenge of finding inclusive sizing,” Killian says. “It’s how I find confidence—when I put together something that I’m really proud of, style-wise. Now I really want to create content that’s for everyone and isn’t simply sharing outfits that only go up to a certain size.”

For Killian, the world of social media has given her the work-life balance that suits her lifestyle and family. And it’s a path she believes anyone can pursue. “I feel like there’s a misconception that you have to already have a platform in order to be an influencer,” she says. “That’s not true at all. [Influencing] is truly for everyone.”

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