Mariemont Crossing

Columbia Township has a new destination, or at least a destination by a new name. Several businesses have banded together under the moniker of Mariemont Crossing to better define their piece of Wooster Pike.

The idea came from The Banks, which demonstrated to these east-side business owners how small businesses can benefit from increased connectivity and a common brand. Their slogan: Eat, Drink, and be Merry. (Get it? Merry in Mariemont?)

Mariemont Crossing begins just west of the Newtown Bridge, with a plan to eventually expand to Mariemont Promenade Shopping Center and connect to regional hiking and biking trails.

For now, participating businesses include Hahana Beach (food with a side of sand volleyball), Heritage Tastings at the Cottage (seasonal, changing five-course tea sittings and dinner menus), Fifty West Brewing Company (beer brewed on-site, and a fairly gourmet menu to match), Pizzelii Brick Oven Pizza (Neapolitan pizza made the authentic way, including a dessert version), Go Native Fit (all-around fitness training with more outdoor extremes and less elliptical machines), and Mariemont Livery (to help you kayak and canoe).

And while you’re in the area, let us recommend some more of Mariemont’s finest.

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