Making Baby Food

Making Baby Food

Making your own baby food is simpler than you think. It saves money, and your baby’s food is fresh, with no fillers. Plus, your little one can eat what you do. We love BabyCenter’s informative video primer ( Here are some other tips to help get you started. Bon appétit, baby!

You’ll need food storage bags, ice cube trays, and a blender or food processor.

Use separate cutting boards for meat and produce. Wash supplies in hot water; it’s not necessary to sterilize because your baby is now mouthing toys.

Remove skin and/or fat. Cook food, chop, and puree with a little water. Pour 1–2 ounces into storage bags. Or pour into ice-cube trays, cover with plastic and once frozen, dump into freezer bags. Label and date everything. To thaw, place sealed bag in tepid water.

Originally published in Baby Guide 2014

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