Lunch Break: Jean-Robert’s Table


What: The French Lunch Tray, with soup, salad, entrée and dessert

Photograph by Amanda Boyd Walters

Where: Jean-Robert’s Table, 713 Vine St., (513) 621-4777,

Why: Last week marked the one-year anniversary of one of the great meals—and great deals—in town: the French Lunch Tray at Jean-Robert’s Table. Sit at (or in) the bar, and you’ll get four courses on a cafeteria tray that will not remind you of a school lunch. For $14. I tried it for the first time last week, and wondered why it had taken me a whole year. In celebration of the anniversary, the menu, which normally changes every week, was a repeat of the first menu (potato-leek soup, arugula and asparagus mimosa with a perfectly boiled egg, chicken over mixed rice and bell pepper fondue with a French-style curry sauce, and dark chocolate mousse for dessert). There were a few parties in the dining room the day we visited, but the bar was completely full, and nearly everyone ordered the tray. If you’re still trying to figure out where to go for lunch and you haven’t yet tried this, why not treat yourself? Table opens for lunch at 11:30 today.

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