Jaime Carmody Shares Her Tailgating Secrets

The owner of Out of Thyme Kitchen Studio wants to help you host a great Bengals party.

The Bengals’ season starts this month and Jaime Carmody—personal chef and owner of Out of Thyme Kitchen Studio—teaches fans the tricks of the trade when it comes to putting together a great spread for their tailgating parties.

Why did you want to do a tailgating class?

We’ve been hosting “Cocktail  + Appetizer” classes for the past few years and they have been very successful. Going into fall we wanted to offer this style of class but with a seasonal theme.

What’s the most popular item?

This is the first time with this specific class, but we’ve made all these recipes [in previous classes]. A great buffalo chicken dip is popular and delicious.

What’s the key to a good appetizer and/or cocktail for a function like a sports event?

We always want to make sure to have items that aren’t complicated, are portable and of course delicious without having to enjoy hot.

Do you have any favorite sports-related cocktails?

We hosted a March Madness version of this class and made a drink called “Alley Oop”—it makes me giggle when I say it. Vodka, lemon juice, ginger with a little raspberry, and mint. For this class, it’s the “Beer Bees Knees.” Typically, it’s a 1920s style cocktail with gin, lemon juice, and honey but here we’re mixing it up with a beer version. Something a little different for sure.

What’s the best type of appetizer for game day?

Something easy to eat, that doesn’t take too long to assemble, is appealing to look at, and delicious. I like to have lots of nibbles available with a variety of textures and flavors—crunchy, creamy, salty, sweet.

What’s the major difference between cooking for people and teaching people how to cook for themselves?

When I cook for people, the dialogue is all internal. I can perform the steps without thinking of them. When I teach people to cook, I really get into the details of how and why something is happening, the science or techniques behind food preparation that make it enjoyable and efficient.

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