How We Did It

A step-by-step guide to ranking Cincinnati’s best pizzas.

How did we come up with the rankings for the 50 best pizzas in Cincinnati? First, we started with a list of 72 pizza hotspots. We decided that we would not include national or regional delivery chains like Pizza Hut, Domino’s, Papa John’s, or Donatos. (Local chains with 10 or more locations and/or locations in states other than Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana were broken out on a separate, unranked list.) Dining Editor Donna Covrett came up with the score system and the criteria: Evaluating the crust on its execution and flavor; the sauce, cheese, and toppings on their amount and flavor; the presentation; and the overall effect could net a perfect score of 50. Armed with score sheets (example above) staff tasters dispersed to the seven hills, then returned to crunch the numbers. Once the rough ranking was determined, we arranged a final round of tasting with the whole team, bringing the top 13 contenders into our office for a final showdown. In that final round, scores from all tasters were averaged; scores for the remainder of the list were proportionally adjusted to come up with the final rankings, which appear in the November issue.


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