Homemakers Bar Shakes Things Up With 20 New 1950s-Themed Cocktails

The new drink menu offers experimental flavors and comforting spirits.

Photograph by Victoria Moorwood

Homemakers Bar celebrates its six-month anniversary by ushering in a wave of winterized cocktails. Introducing a brand new 20-drink menu, the retro spot continues to offer experimental flavors and cozy nostalgia.

“We wanted to start 2020 off right,” says co-owner Julia Petiprin, adding that the menu is “comfortable yet unconventional—just like the space.”

Staying true to the throwback theme, the cocktails are named after characters and movies from the 1950s and can be found on new menus that mimic old-fashioned placemats. “We really wanted to show people that we’re a craft cocktail bar, first and foremost,” Petiprin says. “So it’s really important to push the boundaries and have drinks that our staff is really excited to make.”

Besides adding a dose of comfort to the cocktail list, Petiprin and co-owner Catherine Manabat used the new menu to experiment with uncommon ingredients. “It isn’t a typical winter menu,” Manabat says. “There are a lot of unique ingredients.”

Some of these ingredients include aromatized wine in the Gus Gus, the Filipino Ube in the Stanley Kowalski, and warming apple brandy and cognac in the refreshing Rose Sayer, essentially a winterized mojito.

The menu continues to offer low-proof cocktails, with the addition of nonalcoholic options. The Johnny is a particularly delicious cocoa and mole bitters concoction, resembling a chilled Mexican hot chocolate, while the Some Like It Hot has warm notes of honey and saffron.

Photograph by Victoria Moorwood

“I think it’s really important when you make spirit-free cocktails that [you have] the same thought and intention as if you were making a cocktail with a spirit,” Manabat says. “It’s just to be super inclusive,” Petiprin adds.“You can still enjoy yourself and feel like you’re part of the party without drinking alcohol.”

The food menu, which currently includes charcuterie boards, snacks, and nostalgic sandwiches, will also see new additions next month.

Homemakers Bar, 39 E. 13th St., Over-the-Rhine, (513) 394-7995

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