Galactic Fried Chicken in Dayton, Kentucky, Serves Out-of-This-World Fried Chicken

Once a food truck, Galactic Fried Chicken has landed in its Earth-bound, brick-and-mortar home in Dayton, Kentucky.

Photograph by Dylan Bauer

In March, Dayton, Kentucky, couple Shane Coffey and Kathy McDonald landed their silver Galactic Fried Chicken spaceship—er, food truck—for good, setting up permanent shop. Before settling down, they built up buzz zipping around the city for a year and a half, popping up regularly at Fountain Square and Washington Park. Everything on the menu is pushed to the max, with flavors surpassing what you might expect of a fried chicken joint: The three-cheese macaroni is supremely creamy; the mashed potatoes have a solid sour cream tang and a pleasant texture from being lightly mashed with the skins left on; and the deviled eggs get a grown-up upgrade with a smoky ancho-chipotle filling.

But let’s address what you came here for. How’s that chicken? It’s darn good. When we say thick ’n’ crunchy, we really, really mean it. Even from a carryout container, the breading—gluten free, by the way—stayed crunchy and adhered well to the chicken, which was juicy and well-seasoned. With every chicken order you get slaw, pickles, and Galactic Sauce. The signature bright-orange sauce is other-worldly: a honey-mustardy, sweet-and-smoky dipping sauce made with ancho and chipotle peppers that gives the I put that shit on everything sauce a run for its money. Ask for the vegan hot sauce and pick up an order of jackfruit nuggets, and you’ve got something to share with your plant-based friends.

Galactic Fried Chicken, 624 Sixth Ave., Dayton, Kentucky, (859) 287-7049

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