Gail Lennig’s Debut Cookbook Offers Simple, Healthy Recipes


Photograph by Carlie Burton

The recipes in local chef Gail Lennig’s debut cookbook, Fabulous Food Made Easy (Cincinnati Book Publishing), are what most—if not all—home cooks aspire to put on the table every day. That is, mostly healthy dishes made in a reasonable amount of time with a handful of easy-to-find ingredients and no special equipment. Generally, the 79 recipes are her takes on popular classic entrées, sides, soups, salads, and desserts, but with adjustments. You won’t find any exotic fusion flavors here.

Lennig’s background as a former professional beekeeper and cooking class instructor at Turner Farms comes through in her savvy tips—but I was yearning for more honey-based recipes (there are five). The “Of This and That” section of the book was a standout, full of recipes adapted from family and friends, including her mother-in-law’s authentic Italian meatballs, a Dorsel’s-adapted slow-cooker goetta, and her family’s favorite “heart attack potatoes” (still pretty healthy, actually). While her dishes may not be revolutionary, they’re a welcome reminder that straightforward food doesn’t have to be boring.

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